FAQ: What is Skyblock?

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FAQ: What is Skyblock?

One of the many variations of gameplay for Minecraft is one called Skyblock.  In Skyblock you have a single island in the sky, with limited resources and no ground below you.  You must use what items you have in order to survive, then thrive.  This variation of Minecraft demands the utmost attention, because falling off means losing valuable, and sometimes irreplaceable, items and blocks.

Skyblock can be played solo, but it is most often played on multiplayer servers.  Most Skyblock servers use the same variation of floating island.  It is an L-shaped island made up of dirt, grass, and a small core of sand, usually 4-6 blocks worth.  A single oak tree is on one leg, and a chest with a few items inside it are all you have to get started.

The Chest

Inside the chest are some basics to get you started.  While this varies from server to server, it is common for players to get a wheat seed, a pumpkin and/or melon seed, a single sugar cane, one red mushroom, one brown mushroom, one cactus, a bucket of lava and two buckets of water or two ice blocks.  Sometimes, there will be an oak sapling in the chest instead of a grown oak tree on the island, or multiple different saplings.

Cobblestone Generator

The Skyblock variation of the game depends heavily on a core mechanic built into vanilla Minecraft.  Typically, if water flows onto lava in the game, you get obsidian.  In a standard survival map, this is the most common way to see lava and water interact.  The other would be lava flowing into water, which forms stone.  But, if flowing lava meets flowing water, then they create a block of cobblestone between them.  This means that if you mine away that block of cobblestone, the flowing water and flowing lava will generate a new cobblestone block – giving you an endless supply of cobblestone to build with.


As is typical of Minecraft, Skyblock is an open world where you can build what you want, with no set goals or quests.  But the creators of Skyblock came up with a list of challenges that you can attempt.  Whether or not they are achievable depends heavily on what items are made available on the multiplayer server you are on, or on the Skyblock map you download if you prefer single player.

First off are the Challenge Rules.

  • Don’t jump off to max your health

  • Don’t cheat for any reason

  • Play on at least Easy difficulty (for Solo play)

Then there are the Challenges themselves:

  1. Build a cobblestone generator 

  2. Build a house

  3. Expand the island 

  4. Make a melon farm

  5. Make a pumpkin farm

  6. Make a sugarcane farm

  7. Make a wheat farm

  8. Make a giant red mushroom

  9. Craft a bed

  10. Make 64 stone bricks

  11. Make 20 torches

  12. Make an infinite water source

  13. Craft a furnace

  14. Make an infinite water pool

  15. Build a platform 24 blocks away for mobs

  16. Make 10 cactus green dye

  17. Make 10 mushroom stew

  18. Craft 10 Jack O’lanterns

  19. Craft 10 bookcases

  20. Make 10 bread 

  21. Collect 10 ender pearls

  22. Cook 10 fish

  23. Craft 10 black wool 

  24. Craft 10 gray wool

  25. Craft 10 light gray wool

  26. Craft 10 lime green wool  

  27. Craft 10 red wool

  28. Craft 10 yellow wool

  29. Craft 10 pink wool

  30. Craft 10 green wool

  31. Craft 10 orange wool

  32. Craft 10 snow golems

  33. Craft 20 paintings

  34. Build and light a nether portal

  35. Craft 5 gold ingots

  36. Craft 16 glass panes

  37. Collect 50 birch logs

  38. Collect 64 arrows and craft a bow

  39. Craft 10 stone buttons

  40. Craft 30 stone slabs

  41. Craft 10 signs

  42. Craft 20 ladders

  43. Craft 20 fences

  44. Craft 20 fence gates

  45. Craft 10 levers

  46. Craft 10 trap doors

  47. Craft 10 stone pressure plates

  48. Craft 10 wooden pressure plates

  49. Collect 64 bonemeal

  50. Craft 20 cobblestone stairs

Obviously, you do not have to do all the Challenges.  In fact, on some maps or servers, it is impossible.  Or you can ignore them altogether.  But it if you are trying to see how good you are, Challenges are a great way to do it.



Like all variations of Minecraft, Skyblock is what you make it.  But it is a popular version because it is, at its core, a survival mode taken to the extremes and rely on strong knowledge of the game and a measure of talent to truly thrive.