Incentivizing Server Votes

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Incentivizing Votes on your Minecraft Server

Benefits of Players Voting for your Server

In the Minecraft server list websites, there are typically two ways to get your server recognized: 

  1. Pay for a premium spot on their list during an auction to have your server showcased for a set amount of time. This has its obvious advantages, but not every server can dish out thousands of dollars to get on these lists

  2. Rank up with votes and get free placement on these lists through vote rank placement 

Integrating Your Server with Server Lists

Votifier – It’s the marriage between Vote and Notifier!

Before beginning to brainstorm about incentivizing your players to vote for your server, you need to set your server up to recognize when someone votes for it. That is where the Votifier plugin ( comes into play; it is a plugin that provides a secure way to integrate your server with all of the major server lists. When you successfully integrate your server to the lists, your server will automatically be notified when someone votes for your it.

You’ll want to setup the Votifier plugin first because you’ll need to provide the public key from the plugin files. The public key is automatically generated on your server during initial installation. The public key will be used to authenticate the communication between the server lists and your server. 

Add Your Server to the Server Lists

Next, you’ll need to add your server to the major server lists. This will provide a place for you to advertise your server as well as a platform for your players to vote.

Some of the popular server lists include: (shameless plug!)

Setting up your server on these sites is straight forward. You provide some basic information, a banner, and your Votifier public key to ensure secure communications between the server list and your Minecraft server. 

Now that you have been notified of a user voting for your server–now what?

Rewards Plugins

Find a Rewards plugin. That is going to be the easiest way to automate rewards. 

Here is a perfect example of a plugin to support Voter Rewards:

Reward Ideas:

There are several plugins that use Votifier to detect votes and do something with the votes. Here are some things that can be done:

  • In-Game Coin

Is your in-game economy based on in-game coin? You can give them a cash incentive to enable their buying power on your server!

  • In-Game Experience

This can be great on an SMP or PVP server where enchanting gear is paramount. Give them a level boost so they can power up their gear!

  • Items

Give ‘em some items, weapons, armor (things good for crafting). Perhaps, even unattainable items such as monster heads. 

  • Crates

Crates are fun! You can randomize rewards which can add to the excitement and keep the rewards from being too repetitive.

  • Command Execution

Custom commands can be executed for a user to provide something. This is probably one of the more flexible options for rewards. Any plugin that can execute commands within the console can be used to provide a reward. 

Remind Players to Vote:

Advertise that players are voting and getting rewards through broadcasts. You can also include voting reminders in your MOTD of EssentialsX so all players are reminded to vote upon login. 

Another method of incentivizing votes is to create a “Leaderboard” for the number of votes each user makes per month. This adds a competitive aspect. Perhaps the top 3 voters obtain an additional bonus each month…

  • Free VIP Rank

  • Rare/unattainable in-game Reward 

  • Custom prefix/suffix or username color so they can wear their new status with pride!

Ensure you are making it simple for your players to vote for your server. Think about how you can enable them to vote with as few steps as possible. This can be a link in the MOTD or a link that is shared to the user when they type /vote. Some vote rewards plugins will provide functionality for the /vote command, but you can also set up custom commands with plugins such as CustomCommands (


You don’t want your rewards to be too overpowered, but you also don’t want it to be too underwhelming. There may be some experimentation before you strike a balance between the two. It’s going to be different for every server.