Plugin Review: Jets PrisonMines

server plugin review jetsprisonmines

Plugin: JetsPrisonMines

Developer(s): Jet315


Cost: £7.49

What the Plugin Does

This plugin allows server admins to create a zone where types of blocks can be automatically generated, as configured by the admin.  This plugin-managed zone will refill based on the criteria determined by the admin, such as by percentage of blocks mined out, or on a specific timer, or a mix of both.  The admin can also allow the plugin to regenerate this zone all at once, or to minimize lag, from top to bottom or bottom to top.

Plugin Use

This plugin is used primarily for Prison servers.  On prison servers, players need a place to go where they are allowed to mine resources and compete with other players for same said resources.  With configurable fireworks, holograms and more, this automates a necessary game process for Prison-type game servers.

The Good

Because this is a “premium” plugin on SpigotMC, JetsPrisonMines is actively developed and improved on.  That means this plugin has had eight major releases going all the way back to Minecraft 1.8, and the plugin developer proactively works on bugs reports and features.

Easy Install, Easy to Use GUI

This plugin installed quickly and easily, requiring only the single plugin to be put into the Plugins directory of the server, and a single server reboot.  From then on, configuration is done in-game.  This plugin does not require complex editing of a YAML file such as config.yml like most plugins before it.  In fact, you do not need to touch the configuration files at all.  The developer built in a very robust and relatively easy to navigate GUI into the plugin.  Each mine the admin creates gets its own control panel GUI, accessible by permission-locked in-game commands.

Flexible Mine Design

Through the GUI interface, admins can easily add blocks to the mine.  From there, they can also set a percentage of likelihood that the block will spawn throughout the regeneration process.  This can be done as small as 0.1 all the way to 100, but the total of all blocks cannot exceed 100.  Any mineable block can be included, allowing different variations of mines to be placed.  In addition, special effects, both positive and negative, can be applied to players inside of the mines.


The SpigotMC page for this plugin has detailed instructions, including screenshots, for using this plugin.  The documentation not only includes setup details, it also includes information on commands and permissions, and for the technically minded users, sample configuration files and details on API calls for more advanced integrations.  Further, there is a linked YouTube video that does an excellent job of demonstrating how to set up and personalize mines.

Things that could use improvement

Overall, this plugin is extremely stable and well designed.  The installation is straightforward and the GUIs make the plugin easy to configure even for people who aren’t technically minded.  However, there are still a few areas where this plugin is weak.  

Holograms are Buggy

The plugin allows holograms showing different pieces of information about the mines to be displayed.  For example, you can show a timer displaying when the mine will reset, or what percentage of the blocks have been mined from the mine.  However, the button for the holograms doesn’t have an icon.  The only way to know to click on it is to either already know about it, or learn about it from the YouTube video.  This may have been changed to a hidden, legacy option that will vanish in future versions.  When you do set up the holograms, sometimes you will see an occasional flash of an armor stand in the holograms.

Modest Performance Hit

This performance hit is dependent on usage.  For large mines, and especially for large, numerous mines, this plugin can definitely require some resources to operate without lag.  For a ‘kitchen sink’ or traditional SMP server, this could be a problem.  For Prison servers, for which this plugin is actually designed, that means this plugin will wind up being the biggest resource hog, but also the one around which gameplay is built.  As such, server optimization will have to work around this, and sufficiently powerful servers likely won’t even notice.

Overall Rating:  9/10

With a stable development cycle and regular updates, as well as easy to use interface and good documentation, this plugin is easily at the top of the pile for great plugins to use on your server.  If you run a Prison server, or merely need re-fillable mines for one reason or another, this plugin would be an excellent choice for you.